Friday, January 18, 2008

IV All Albany

In an effort to keep these somewhat organized, I'm trying to divide the posts into certain areas so this stuff is easier to find once the blog gets clogged up with too much shit.

Burning Bridges release show w/ tough guy promo shot. Valentine's, Albany NY. 2004?

Violent Society, etc. Bogies Albany, NY. 1998

Cipher / At War With Shadows, etc. Valatie/Albany NY. 2002

GOUKA / Evixxion. Valentine's ALbany NY. 2006

Endorphin / Lariat. Albany NY. 2000

Police Line / Submission Hold. Albany, NY. 2000

Cipher / Lariat (The End did not play). Watervliet/Albany, NY. 2001

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Zegota . Lariat onstage Temper Tantrum. SUNY Albany NY. 2001

Tear It Up / Burning Bridges. Albany NY. 2002

Mayhem at CBGB NYC 2000/01??

Post II

more stuff.....
"NEC Uprising Fest". EL-N-Gee CT 2001 (?)

Mouthpiece / Hatebreed. Studio 158 CT 1995

Silent Mourning etc. Bike Exchange CT. 95/96??

25 Ta Life/Hatebreed/Vorhees. Spanky's PA. 1996

Comin Correct / Skarhead / etc. Wilkes Barre PA. 2000

Cave In / Piebald / Silent Majority. CT. 96/97??

CT Record Release for Converge's "Jane Doe". 2001

Handbill for Stillborn Records shows. 2001

Step Up Presents Handbill. 1997.

Last Hail Mary show. ALbany NY 2000 (?)

Madball / Killing Time. 7 Willow st. Port Chester NY. 1996/97

25 Ta Life / Crown of Thornz. CBGB NYC. 95/96?

Down Foundation. Saratoga Winners. ALbany NY. 2000 (?)

First Post / Intro

So this is the first post, and here's a few flyers to start things off. Most of the flyers that will be put up here are from the greater Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) ranging from the mid 90's to the early 00's, but some others that don't fit those categoiries have snuck in along the way. You can click on each flyer to expand the size and feel free to use them inj any matter you want (but a link or mention of my page would be nice). I'll provide brief info about each one, but honestly, I don't remember shit like years and stuff, so your guess is as good as min on some of these.
Sheer Terror / 25 Ta Life. The Roxy, Long Island NY 1995 (?)

25 Ta Life, Reason Enough, Tenfold, etc. Maxa Luna's, CT 1996

"Kinosian Fest" Palladium Wooster Mass. 2000 (?)

Shutdown et al. Siena College. Albany NY 1998

Spazz / Milhouse. Long Island NY, 1997

Spazz / Entropy. New Milford CT 1997